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Allergy Pill - *NEW*

Allergy Pill - *NEW*

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This is an all natural allergy supplement to help with seasonal allergy symptoms. No more itchy, watery eyes, itchy nose, sneezing, runny nose, or congestion. Breathe easier with the Allergy Pill!

What's in the Allergy Pill and why it works:

Isoquercetin extract - a natural flavonoid (antioxidant) that is a free radical scavenger and supports seasonal immune system function

Bromelain extract - natural anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain clear nasal passageways

Butter Bur extract - works as natural antihistamine to assist with allergic rhinitis and seasonal asthma
Nettle extract - calms histamine production and supports normal inflammatory response

Amla powder (Vitamin C) - an antioxidant that protects cells from damage and reduces severity of allergic reactions by normalizing histamine production

Licorice root powder - prevents inactivation of cortisol to increase your body's level of naturally produced steroids to assist with easier breathing and reduced cough

Giloy extract - reduces symptoms of hay fever, including nasal discharge, sneezing, and  nasal/eye itching

Astragalus extract - a Chinese herb that inhibits histamine release and stabilizes mast cells



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Really worked

After suffering from seasonal allergies all my life I decided to try the natural alternative. It has replaced my daily antihistamine and become part of my daily routine during allergy season