Our story

His Story
Dr. Patel learned early on in his career as a pharmacist, the physical and mental side-effects of western medicine on the human body. Time and time again, he would see his patients become drug dependent on strong prescriptions, without truly being able to treat the cause of illness. Knowing that prescription and over the counter medications only suppress symptoms and do not address the underlying root of disease, Dr. Patel knew he had to bring safer, more effective remedies to his community.

Her Story
At the time Dr. Patel met his now wife, she was newly diagnosed with a pituitary gland disorder called prolactinoma. Prolacatinoma is a benign tumor located on the pituitary gland in the base of the brain. This directly affects hormonal function of the body, and must be controlled with medication to control tumor size. After seeing many specialists, she began prescription medication, routine blood work, and annual brain MRIs. She was still experiencing hormonal imbalance, in which she turned to Ayurveda. After meeting with an Ayurvedic Practitioner, she began Ayurvedic remedies. Being a healthcare professional and personal trainer, she mixed an active lifestyle with herbal therapies. 

Their Story
They both agree that western medicine with eastern remedies plus a clean diet can ease many ailments and help lead a healthy lifestyle. Their passion for health and wellness grow alongside one another. Together, the Patels live a holistic lifestyle revolved around healthy nutrition, a vegetarian diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, and spirituality.